MTR Cuba 2018 Pre-Application

Making the Road Travel Seminar to Cuba, August 2018.

Filling out this form is required to receive updates and background information. You will also need to download a full application to submit by May 15, 2018 at the latest.

This short pre-application form contains basic information needed by Making the Road for recruitment and planning. 

You may submit an pre-application form both for this Cuba seminar and for the Southern Africa seminar, as well.  

Please fill out the entire form and submit electronically. 

Fill in as many blanks as you can. If there are some required fields you cannot fill in now, please enter "to come," and you will be contacted later for the missing information.  

Please address any questions to Making the Road coordinator Andrea Meza (email:; cell phone: 815-641-3492).
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Fill in when you are definite about participating in the trip.
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The second option may include raising support from your school or institution, online crowdfunding, and/or qualifying for a scholarship from Making the Road.
Please enter the amount you expect to have to raise. Making the Road will assist in your fundraising, but we cannot supply the entire amount needed.
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